Welcome to Dr. Dan Richards

Hello and thanks for coming to my website.

I have envisioned that this site would be a place where you or a family member could visit to get a better understanding about therapy services and when it would be wise to seek the assistance of a therapist/counselor.   You will notice that I have posted links to information about various aspects of therapy. There are also informational materials that you might find interesting and helpful. Lastly, I have included information about my history and what my services are if you were to come and see me.

My website is designed to be a growing and changing experience, so I invite you to return from time to time to see what new information I have posted. I also hope you will feel free to share your comments about the site so I can continue to improve it for the betterment of my readers.

I will also have a blog for you to follow where I will make entries about the health and wellness field. If you like, please sign up so that I can send you my latest postings.

Enjoy the site.  Dan Richards, Ph.D.LCPC. NCC
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